"After testing out TheNoSpamZone's 30 day free trial and comparing it to other solutions, I can say that TheNoSpamZone is definitively superior. I'll never go back to the reading through spam folders again."

-- Scott Cable, Medikin Incorporated --

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Friday, 05 June 2020
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Benefits - Anti-Virus Scanning Print E-mail

Anti-virus scanning is an additional 25% cost option.

TheNoSpamZone can optionally scan email attachments for viruses and remove infected ones. It adds a summary of its scanning to the bottom of the email message, before the attachments. For example:

------------------ These attachments have been scanned by TheNoSpamZone for viruses: - Attachment: LEGEND.XLS Status: CLEAN - Attachment: CODELIST.TXT Status: CLEAN - Attachment: SCREEN.BAT Status: INFECTED! REMOVED ------------------ 

We use the F-Prot Antivirus software by Frisk Software - www.f-prot.com. This company has been providing anti-virus software for 10 years. It is the "engine" used in many well-know anti-virus software packages. The latest anti-virus definitions are updated daily.

Technical - Our service also scans for viruses within ".zip" files. However, we only scan attachments of up to 5 megabytes. This is far larger than the size of any known virus and is large enough to scan nearly all .zip files. The summary will indicate if a huge attachment was not scanned.

Note: while this optional service will remove the vast majority of known email viruses, viruses can also infect computers in other ways. For maximum protection, we therefore recommend that you also run anti-virus software on each of your computers. While no service or software can guarantee that 100% of all viruses will be caught, TheNoSpamZone offers an additional strong level of virus protection.

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